Andora is the reigning Miss Gay America, the oldest drag queen pageant system in the world. Each month Andora and I create a new promo image together for promotion. The only thing real is the model and the couch so the challenge was to comp in all of the other elements (cakes, tables, wall, floor, etc) into the shot to create the illusion of Marie Antoniette’s decadent and extravagant world.


Cupcake Championship is a new competition show on Food Network. Think of this as the Iron Chef of cupcakes. The challenge for this project was to allude to cupcakes without showing actual cupcakes. These show open style frames were created to tie the Art Deco set designs to a magical whisk that quickly reveals the show logo (logo created by another designer).


One of the main ingredients for decorating cupcakes is the sugar sand crystals. In this logo reveal a handful of jars pour multicolored sand onto a marble kitchen surface. The wind blows the sand away to reveal the logo.


The drag queen and trans pageant world is something that has been around for over 40 years, but with the popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race, these queens are finally getting the attention they deserve. This group photo of reigning national title winners was shot in New York City at the beginning of all the 2019 state preliminary pageants.


This series of personal work was a way for me to bring together my skills in photography, design, and compositing. It’s always nice to step away from commercial work and create designs for myself.